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ABOUT SAN MURATA San Murata lives in an historic small town east of Toronto. In his studio he paints scenes from everyday life, depicted in a folk art style “with a twist”. San’s inimitable colour sense and style convey a truly magical spirit of place. His gouache paintings are lively, colourful, and whimsical yet display a mastery of what can be a very challenging medium.

San works from rough sketches and frequently paints from memory focusing on the mood or feeling of each scene.

As an Art Director and Designer for local and network television, his work became iconic for their brands. At the same time he created numerous illustrations for books, magazines and newspapers.

His first exhibition was at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo followed by the Zenniku Gallery in Hiroshima, Japan. Since then San has had exhibitions at the Japan Foundation in Toronto, Hannabi Gallery (Tokyo), Yamagataya Gallery (Kagoshima), Gunjo Gallery (Kurume), and Spazio Gallery (Toronto).


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    Upcoming Events

    Come enjoy a relaxing afternoon
    on the patio with

    San Murata & Friends

    every Sunday afternoon
    at The Terra Cotta Inn
    175 King St. , Terra Cotta, Ontario

    The Terra Cotta Inn

    San performs live jazz on Sundays at the Terra Cotta Inn, Terra Cotta, Ontario

    Artist Representation

    Art Gallery Motokawa (Japan)

    Engine Fine Art (Canada)
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